VIP Subscribe pop up box… DOB field is difficult and unnecessary.  NOTIFICATIONS FIXED

  • WEIGHT LOSS / INJECTIONS aren’t actual pages and just go to the services/menu page at https://lasvegas-medspa.com/services/#row-BdApktBrqE
  • MENU and SERVICES are same page
  • SHOP goes to generic shopify page with different BF logo
  • SCHEDULE NOW button on top-right of website doesn’t work

BOOKING FORM verifies phone via text msg and then asks for credit card to confirm consultation.  $50 is charged if customer cancel, no-show or reschedule appt less than 24 hrs notice  (mistake on it, says 24 hrs days notice)

BOOKING FORM asks to choose service category (can be missed)

When booking BODY SCULPTING, it goes to: https://lasvegas-medspa.com/book

Form needs better TIME selection option and should have drop-down for SERVICE OF INTEREST.   Where does this form info go to and is it tracked/recorded on DB?